Abbey Glass Atlanta Fashion Show: Young Talent on The Rise

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Abbey Glass fashion show featuring fall 2013 – winter 2014 designs took place in Atlanta on Wednesday, March 27. It would be fair to say that I have not been at an Atlanta fashion show received so well in a long time. The models, makeup, hair and atmosphere were perfectly  tuned – much thanks to Kuene (runway hair magicians), Mia Belezza Cosmetics (makeup  connoisseurs), and W Hotel in Buckhead, Atlanta. I would not endorse W Hotel bar food but will say that complimentary cocktails sponsored by Black Dress Vodka and mixed by the W bar staff were absolutely delicious. I took my time people watching prior to the show since attending guests were carefully selected by organizers and included top Atlanta fashionistas with exquisite and sometimes rather extravagant sense of style (see guest and backstage photos below).

Abbey Glass, a young and talented Atlanta fashion designer, has already claimed success at New York Fashion Week, as I mentioned in my previous post (see Abbey’s summer 2013 fashion here). Inspiring and flattering cocktail dresses, evening gowns and sophisticated outerwear appear to be her strong suit that truly showed in fall 2013 – winter 2014 collection. With the exception of a few pieces that still require some polishing up, the entire selection of designs was very impressive, while accent on color in many pieces gave the looks playfulness and life.

What’s next for Abbey Glass? We will find out by following her Facebook page.

See all photos of backstage and Atlanta fashion show: Abbey Glass fall 2013 – winter 2014. Video is coming soon.


Related Video from My YouTube Channel

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