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How to Find the Perfect Bronzer

How to Find the Perfect Bronzer

Picking a bronzer comes down to knowing what works for your skin type and skin tone. Here are a few tips that will guide you through the process:
The selection process starts with choosing the best bronzer for your skin type. Generally speaking, if you have …

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Fifty Shades of Grey Makeup

How to Get Sultry Anastasia Steele Lips (Fifty Shades of Grey Inspired)

– Victoria Down, makeup department head of Fifty Shades of Grey.
Let’s summarize the famous Fifty Shades of Grey makeup look on Dakota Johnson: it’s all about the flawless skin and kissable, moist lips with overall effect of no makeup. Seems pretty simple, but there are …

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Elegant Evening Gowns by Tarik Ediz

23 Elegant Evening Gowns by Tarik Ediz You Will Adore

I don’t think Tarik Ediz needs an introduction. I’ve done a feature on his designs before, and his dresses speak for themselves. Tasteful, elegant, classy, sexy, feminine and refined at the same time, they will win your heart in an instant. So enjoy the photo …

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Aquazzura Heels 2015

17 Aquazzura Heels that Will Instantly Inspire Your Style

Not all shoes are made equal. Aquazzura heels are certainly among the most universal shoes in the world, even if you prefer flats on most occasions. Aquazzura’s fans claim that all designer pairs are as comfortable as they are sexy. Being a woman used to almost …

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Spring Fashion Trends

10 Fashion Trends to Help You Easily Create Fantastic Looks for the Season

Are you ready to launch full on from winter into spring? Are you dying to change out your wardrobe from winter scarves, big boots and heavy wool coats into something a bit more fun and spring forward? Are you looking to update your wardrobe and …

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Dream Wedding Dresses by Crystal Design

14 Dream Wedding Dresses That Will Leave You Speechless

Dream wedding dresses take a special place in my heart and in the heart of every woman, no matter age or relationship status (even though some of us don’t admit it). Last year, gorgeous Berta Bridal designs took the internet by storm; this year Crystal …

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Dressing for Your Body Type

A Complete Guide to Dressing for Your Body Type (Plus, Choosing the Perfect Hairstyle)

Choosing a dress is not an easy task. No, no. You have to choose the one among the thousands of dresses. The one you like and the one which suits you perfectly. Not every dress suits every body shape. Another thing to think about. And …

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Best Anti Aging Foods

10 Best Anti Aging Foods

In our quest of finding a way to keep aging at bay, we try a hell lot of products and ruin our skin. Although the cure is simple, just eat healthy. Fruits and vegetables are the healthiest cure with which you can keep your skin …

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Ways of Wearing Graphic Tees

7 Ways of Wearing Graphic Tees

Summertime is coming! We have already started planning dozens of outdoor activities- from grabbing coffee with a friend and romantic dates to partying hard. For all these events, we need to create a stylish and effective outfit. That is why we need some versatile items …

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Affordable Luxury Handbags

5 Affordable Luxury Handbags You Must See This Season

Spreading the distinctive styles and signature elements of standard handbags over a larger surface area, a tote bag is the ideal opportunity for fashion-first women to showcase their taste. Tote bags feature a range of silhouettes from casual to professionally polished, and you can click here to …

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1- How to Create Stylish Clothes - Iconic Looks

How to Wear Stylish Clothes Inspired by Iconic Looks: Never Be Boring Again!

Wearing what everyone else does can be boring sometimes because you look like the vast majority of people out there. While we agree that there is a time and a place for T-shirts and sneakers, if you want to make a statement, you have to think outside …

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Pomegranate Necklace

The Seasonal Dish: Pomegranate Beyond Food

Gypsy draws inspiration from an era known for its strong use of abstract symbolism in art, and our jewelry continues to feature these timeless symbols. Their meanings enhance the natural aesthetics of our pieces and, we think, make a little statement about the wearer as …

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Diamond engagement rings

6 Most Expensive Celebrity Diamond Engagement Rings

Getting engaged to the love of your life, and exchanging engagement rings is a culture that’s same with the less fortunate and the affluent. The difference only lies in the price and style of the ring exchanged. Celebs love exchanging most unique and highly priced …

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Hottest Fashion Trends for Winter 2014

9 Hottest Fashion Trends for Winter 2014

As soon as the fall arrives, you probably wonder about what latest fashion trends the season has to offer this year. The main theme of this season is wrapping up your body against cold, which might sound obvious while considering winter. While there are many …

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Is Lingerie a Good Christmas Gift? Yes! Especially from Marie Jo L’Aventure

Choosing a Christmas present for a woman in your life (a girlfriend or a wife) can be tricky, especially when you walk close to the line that can get you into trouble. Lingerie is probably a good example of a present that might raise concerns …

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Online Shopping for Designer Clothes

The Ultimate Guide to Online Shopping for Designer Clothes: 7 Hot Must-Haves from The Runway

Come spring, and we have a plethora of new trends and styles to pick from. While every season is special, spring – summer deserve particular mention because of the colors and prints that most designers choose to revamp. Keeping the spring – summer collections 2014 …

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Timeless Demo - Unique Womens Jacket

How to Be Unique Wearing Your Favorite Pieces

Spotlight on Women’s Jacket
It’s always exciting to see something different in fashion, and Layo G (a New York based brand) presents us with an opportunity to see our favorite garments in a completely different light. They provide edgy, tailored clothing for modern women designing pieces that take them …

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50s Fashion Men: Mad Men Inspired

50s Fashion Men: How to Get the Rebel Look

They say that fashion is cyclical, but then again it’s probably thanks to Mad Men that 50’s male fashion has come back in a big way. Don Draper and his cronies have made trilbies, suspenders, and a glass of bourbon the ultimate in sophisticated style.
But …

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Hot Makeup Tips from the Ramp

Hot Makeup Tips from the Ramp

Runway makeup leads to perfection. Fashion models have the best stylists and professionals work on their looks. They have access to the best cosmetics and wear the most expensive designer outfits on the planet. They are reminded to love themselves and their bodies all the …

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Cover - Men Accessories

Hey Man, Let Your Accessories Do the Talking!

While women generally freak out when they come across another female in a dress the same as theirs, men are known to remain calm. But what if as a man, you were out to make an impression on a first date or in a business …

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