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Behind the Scenes with Cosmo by Jonas B.

Cosmo photoshoot behind the scenes with models and photographers.
Is Social Media Influencing Trends

Is Social Media Influencing Trends More Than Traditional Media?

Once upon a time, before the culture of social media arose, fashion magazines and editors were the ultimate go-to reference guide for top trend alerts, and the dominant force behind dictating appropriate wardrobe staples to invest in each season! There was a time when only … …

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10 Shocking Facts About Fashion Week

10 Shocking Facts About Fashion Week: Behind The Scenes

Fashion Week would have to be one of the busiest times on the fashion calendar for designers, journalists, and any other key players within the fashion industry. In September, we will get to see yet another fashion relay race across various parts of the world. … …

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Oily Hair Care Tips

5 Effective Hair Care Tips for Oily Hair

If you are a keen follower of the latest lifestyle news, you have noticed that that the internet contains thousands of different oily hair remedies for enhancing beauty and style. Surprisingly, when it comes to hair and skin care treatments, each person has a unique … …

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Style vs Fashion: Which One Represents You

Style vs Fashion: Which One Represents You?

“Fashion changes but style endures”. These words came from one of the most famous style icon in the world, Coco Chanel who lives on through her signature classic ensembles and impeccable style. Yes, style. Have you ever asked yourself, “Do I feel more comfortable in … …

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3- Amazing New Lipstick from Christian Louboutin

New Luxurious Lipstick from Christian Louboutin

If you are in love with Louboutin heels and now nail polishes, you will adore his new lipstick line.
The iconic red-bottomed heel designer is making his first foray into lip care, and we literally cannot wait to get our hands pouts on the shades in … …

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How to Create Perfect Cat Eyes

How To Create the Perfect Cat Eyes

Cat eye makeup– lined upper lashes finished with a subtle “wing”– is one of those looks that never seems to go out of style. From ancient Egypt (think Cleopatra) to Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, and Kim Kardashian the look is as popular today as ever.
According to … …

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How To Create a Retro Hair Look

How To Create a Retro Hair Style that Looks Modern

Retro fashion, makeup and hair style are super popular, and I dare you to try this beautiful hair look even if you are not into vintage beauty. This beautiful up-do looks modern enough to fit every woman and every style: it’s great for a wedding … …

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Tungsten Rings for Men

Why Every Man Should Own a Tungsten Ring

Before you can find out the reasons why every man should have a tungsten ring, you may first want to know something about what tungsten is. Tungsten is an extremely dense and hard metal that has one of the hottest melting points known for all … …

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Beach Waves for Short Hair

Perfect Beach Waves for Short Hair

1. Messy Waves – Tutorial by stillGLAMORUS
If you have very short hair and want to know how to get beach waves, this tutorial is for you.
[embedded content]
2. Easy Beach Waves by ElleLearyArtistry
This tutorial recommends (Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, Got 2b Back to Bed Texture Powder, and Kevin … …

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Hairstyling Tricks You Can't Live without

Hairstyling Tricks You Can’t Live without

My hair takes a ton of time every morning. If you value your beauty sleep, you will love the following tips and trick that will save your precious time. Looking glamorous doesn’t always take extra effort. Here is what you should do:
Twist your hair around the … …

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Olivia Palermo for Luxury Jewelry Brand Carrera y Carrera

The Ultimate Fashionista Seduced by a Luxury Jewelry Brand

The ultimate fashionista a refer to is Olivia Palermo. She debuts the luxury jewelry brand Carrera y Carrera collection for the third year in a row. Olivia, known internationally as one of the most stylish celebrities, models with perfect elegance the new Carrera y Carrera collection, … …

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Le Silla Shoes and Accessories Fall/Winter 2012-2013: Sparkle Away!

Very strong shoes and accessories, in classical bourgeois style, a reminder of past decades or very extravagant.  Le Silla uses all his energy to express the depths of his soul but he also makes attractive and measured offers for different kinds of women.
She’s a … …

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Famous Chefs for Cannes Gala Dinner

Famous Chefs Anne-Sophie Pic and Bruno Oger Cook 2013 Cannes Film Festival Opening Gala Dinner

The Cannes Film Festival opening gala dinner was held within the Electrolux Agora Pavilion for the third consecutive year. Guests, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan were treated to a four course meal all cooked on Electrolux professional appliances by famous chefs Anne-Sophie Pic (three … …

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Designer heels from Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia: The New Goddess of Designer Heels

Celebrities and it-girls like Sarah Jessica Parker, Keira Knightly, Blake Lively or Beyoncé (among others) are on the list of fans adoring shoes designed by Charlotte Olympia.  The combination of high designer heels and a modern silhouette with deep colors and animal prints conquered the feet … …

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Kristen Stewart et Nicolas Guesquière

Juani de la Rocha: Balenciaga Will Sue Nicolas Guesquière

Behind all the apparent glamor, elegant cordiality and perfection fashion world and all of its celebrities sometimes surprise us with stories and events that would  better fit in South American soap operas (and I must confess I am a huge fan of them!)  than in … …

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Battle for Style Perfection: Balenciaga Shoes vs Balenciaga Clothing Fall 2010

Balenciaga is one of those brands that have been around forever and will probably always be at the very top of couture fashion. The brand is approaching fall 2010/winter 2011 season fully prepared: fantastic clothing, creative concept, killer shoes and an impressive ad campaign with … …

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Unique Flower Shoes from Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen fashion creations (before and after his death) deserve a special chapter in the history of fashion. It’s not just about creativity mixed with craziness a-la Lady Gaga in some way, not only about the huge designer talent but also about the personality of … …

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Men's watch, jewelry fashion

Fashion Trip around the World: Men’s Jewellery Trends

Call them metrosexuals or simply stylish fellows but they are everywhere in New York and France! I have not reached Paris yet but can definitely tell we are getting closer to the fashion capital of the world. Street observations aside, I was fascinated by the … …

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17 | Louis Vuitton

My Obsession: Louis Vuitton Handbags

Nobody is perfect. Everyone has a weakness, call it Achille’s heel. What’s mine? Well that’s easy – bags. Louis Vuitton bags to be precise. And that is why I’m dedicating this article to one particular bag.
It all started when I was looking through a fashion … …

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Cara Delevingne | Famous Fashion Models

Famous Fashion Models: How Cara Delevingne “Stays Cool”

Models. We see them everywhere. Catwalks, campaigns, fashion shoots, magazines, etc. For girls the model look has been the ideal look for years, however, if you’ve been on the other side of the spectrum you would know that you have to grow up quicker than … …

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